2023: Year in review

This year I traveled in a motorhome for the first time, went sailing, played squash, and ran my first 10 kilometers. I visited 7 countries, 13 cities, and met new friends. This year has been so eventful that I decided to gather all the memories in one place, as a keepsake.


  • Celebrated the New Year with Anya and Vitaly
  • Visited the botanical garden for a Christmas exhibition
  • Went to the Naturkundemuseum
  • Attended Quiz Please for the first time


  • First time in Lisbon
  • Visited Cabo da Roca
  • First time in Porto
  • Attended the concert of Monetochka1
  • Attended the stand-up show of Kirill Sietlov
  • Assembled the wardrobes for bedroom


  • Bought a big kitchen table
  • Invited parents to visit us in Berlin
  • Visited Wolfsburg
  • Attended the concert of Anacondaz2


  • Visited Museum für Kommunikation
  • Visited Neues Museum
  • Took the 3rd place in Quize Please
  • First walk with Alina and Oleg
  • Visited the trampolines with Oleg, Max, Masha, Albina and Sasha
  • Attended the stand-up show of Sergey Orlov
  • First time in Poison karaoke (and in karaoke in general)
  • Visited Amsterdam for the Koningsdag


  • First version of terrace improvement
  • First time attended bouldering with Max
  • First cycling with Ales and Max
  • Second cycling with Ales and Max
  • First shashlyndos 27.05
  • Third cycling with Ales and Alina


  • Second version of terrace improvement
  • Fourth cycling with Ales, Olya, Airat and Agata
  • Coffee race with Ales, Max and Alina
  • Second shashlyndos
  • SPARK’23 and the first team event
  • Swam on SUPs in a large group
  • Open air cinema (The Fabelmans)
  • First time in King karaoke

  1. Russian singer ↩︎
  2. Russian hip-hop band ↩︎

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